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An elementary-only independent school located in Atlanta, serving children ages three through Sixth Grade since 1951.

Trinity School 101

Welcome to Trinity School

Congratulations on your admission to Trinity School! We are so excited to have your family join the Trinity community. We have created this Trinity 101 website, especially for our newly admitted families. This site includes everything you need to know as you prepare for the start of the 2021-22 school year. Be sure to check back here often for upcoming events, important announcements, registration links, and other information throughout the summer.
We hope to make your transition to Trinity School as smooth as possible for your entire family. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are here for you!

The Admissions Team
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Let's Get Started

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    As we look toward the 2020–21 school year, Trinity’s administration continues to develop plans and contingencies for different scenarios. While uncertainty around the pandemic remains and subsequent federal, state, and local guidelines will further inform our planning, we are committed to fully re-opening our campus and welcoming back our students and parents as soon as possible.

    At the forefront of our planning are two guiding principles: the health and safety of our entire community and the importance of elementary-aged children being in school with their teachers. The campus safety protocols we are developing align with the CDC’s four main categories: Promote Healthy Hygiene; Clean, Disinfect, and Sanitize; Continue Social Distancing; and Monitor Health of Community Members. Once Trinity’s health and safety procedures are finalized, we will share them with the full community before welcoming you on campus.

    Like other schools, we are also developing different program models for the 2020–21 school year. We are committed to doing whatever we can and under whatever guidelines we need to follow to open our doors next year every day for every student. This may require us to be creative with our use of space, limit the number of students in each class, and reimagine how we celebrate being a community, yet our physical and human resources will enable us to provide an at-school, in-person education within the most current recommended health and safety guidelines.

    For students with underlying medical conditions, we will continue to provide remote learning if they need to stay at home, including classroom webcam capability for live streaming. If Trinity and other schools are mandated next year to revert to virtual learning for all students and teachers, we are honing and refining distance learning plans, including all students having access to their own electronic device.

    Parent Webinars On Distance Learning



    Please feel free to come and eat lunch with your child. Lunch tickets are available for purchase at Reception for $5 per meal. We also welcome grandparents to come for lunch, free of charge, as guests of the School.

    ALTAcademic Leadership Team | Comprised of the Head of School, the Early Elementary Division and Upper Elementary Division Heads, the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Curriculum, and the Director of Education Technology, ALT oversees the academic lives of students, teachers, and parents.

    AWACAllison Williams Activity Center | Named after Trinity’s founder, the Reverend Allison Williams, the AWAC is a dual-purpose gym for UED physical education and auditorium for fine arts performances and school assemblies.

    EEDEarly Elementary Division | This part of the School is comprised of the Early Learners through First Grade. Rhonda Mitchell ("Ms. Rhonda") is the EED Head, and the EED classrooms are located on the lower level of the School.

    LTLeadership Team | Oversees all school operations and programs

    TTTTrinity Time Together | School-wide assemblies held at 8:15 on the morning of “D Days” in AWAC.  Any changes to the TTT schedule will be communicated through the School’s traditional channels.

    TTWTrinity This Week | A weekly, electronic newsletter distributed to parents, Trustees, faculty, and staff via email on Thursdays at 10 AM during the school year. 

    UEDUpper Elementary Division | This part of the School is comprised of the Second through Sixth Grades.  Sarah Barton Thomas ("Ms. Thomas") is the Head of the UED, and the UED classrooms are located on the upper level of the School.

    TSPA (Trinity School Parent Association) – TSPA membership is made up of parents of current and former Trinity students and any present or past member of the School’s Administration and Faculty.  Annual dues (paid along with the May tuition payment) support school-wide events, committees, and other student enrichment programs.  A full listing of TSPA officers and activities can be found in the School Calendar.

    Room Parents – Representatives from each class who coordinate all volunteers for classroom parties, field trips, special events, children’s art auction projects, and more.

    Grade Level Reps - A representative from each grade who acts as the link between the School and the parents in the grade. Grade Level Reps communicate important grade-specific information to parents and work with the Administration on many parent and student issues.

    Trinity was founded in 1951 as part of Trinity Presbyterian Church.  The School is no longer formally affiliated with Trinity Church, but we maintain a close relationship.  We moved into our current facilities in the summer of 2002.
    Trinity School has a rich history from which many of our values and traditions originated.  As the first Atlanta independent school to integrate in the 1960s, we greatly value our diverse population, which provides a warm and welcoming learning environment. Trinity is noted for child-centered instruction and curriculum which unearth passions and allow students to discover the excitement, richness, and joy of learning. Our Mission Statement expresses our intent to prepare each child to “become a responsible, productive, and compassionate member of the expanding global community.” In every class, at every level, our students learn to think deeply, explore freely, and express themselves with confidence.

    REPORTING AN ABSENCE - Send an email to this address (along with your classroom teachers) if your child will be absent from school on a given day. Be sure to include your child's name, the reason for the absence, and symptoms of illness (if applicable).
  • 2021-22 MAJOR DATES

    Preplanning for All Faculty/Staff begins: August 3
    Visitation Day: August 11
    First Day of School: August 12
    Labor Day: September 6
    Fall Break: October 11 and 12 (October 12 is a Faculty/Staff Professional Day)
    Thanksgiving Break: November 22–26
    UED Holiday Program at Trinity Church: December 16
    Winter Break: December 17–31
    MLK Day: January 17
    Presidents’ Day Break: No school for students on February 21 and 22 (February 22 is a Faculty/Staff Professional Day)
    Spring Break: March 7–11
    Easter Break: April 15 and 18
    Graduation: May 27

    Pictures by the Bell
    We invite you to join us from March 1 – 4 for pictures by the Trinity bell. All early notification new students are invited to take your picture by the Trinity bell and receive your new student swag bag. Pictures will be taken individually and scheduled by appointment only. If you are unable to make it on one of the sign-up dates, please contact us to coordinate another time to pick up your bag. We will also have dates and times available to you this summer. 
    Please click this link for available spaces and times. 

    Trinity School requires students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade to wear uniforms. Uniforms are optional for Early Learners and Pre-K students.

    All students are required to wear non-marking athletic shoes daily. Trinity's uniform vendor is Lands' End. Visit the online Lands' End Uniform Store to order clothing and review a listing of approved items. A link to the Lands’ End online store can also be found on the School Uniforms resource board in MyTrinity.

    Trinity families can also purchase gently used uniforms through the Retread Uniform Consignment Sales held throughout the school year.


    Early Learners and Pre-K General Appearance Guidelines

    Children in Early Learners and Pre-K classes should be dressed according to the following guidelines. Please understand that young children at Trinity may get messy and dirty.

    · Clothing should be labeled with the child’s name.
    · School clothes need to fit. They should be roomy enough so that they do not inhibit gross motor movement in P.E., on the playground, and in music.

    · School clothes should be casual and comfortable.
    · Shirts should cover the midriff.
    · Clothes should not have holes or rips.
    · No jewelry (rings, bracelets, or necklaces) should be worn to the playground or P.E. classes.
    · On P.E. days children should wear shorts, pants, jogging outfits, or loose-fitting clothing.
    · Tennis shoes or appropriate athletic footwear should be worn (no jellies, platform shoes, clogs, sandals, or boots).
    · All students should bring a pair of rain boots to keep at School for the academic year.

    Kindergarten through Sixth Grade General Appearance Guidelines

    · Clothing should be labeled with the child’s name.
    · Students are required to arrive on campus properly and neatly attired in uniform clothing as designated in the List of Approved Clothing Items that can be found on the Lands’ End Online Uniform Store.
    · Required regulation Trinity School uniform clothing must be purchased from Lands’ End or at the Retread sales held at School throughout the year.
    · The Trinity School uniform logo must appear on all blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleeces.
    · Skirts must be mid-thigh or longer in length, and the waistband may not be rolled.
    · Oversized or undersized clothes are not appropriate.
    · Girls must wear uniform “bike shorts” under skirts and jumpers.
    · Pants must not be worn around the hips.
    · Students must have their name clearly marked on the inside of all clothing and shoes.
    · Students may not deface their uniforms in any way.
    · Boys and girls must wear a belt when pants or shorts have belt loops.
    ·Athletic or other closed-toe, non-marking soled shoes should be worn with the school uniform. Students must wear athletic shoes for P.E.
    · Kindergarten and First Grade students should bring a pair of rain boots to keep at School for the academic year.
    · Jewelry that has either material or sentimental value should not be worn to school as it might be lost or broken.
    · Socks, leggings, and tights may be purchased anywhere.
    · Students may choose their own outerwear, including coats and jackets. Outerwear may be worn on the way to and from school and on the playground. In the classroom, only uniform outerwear may be worn.
    · On field trips, children should wear uniform clothing that is appropriate for the outing. Teachers may suggest activity-appropriate apparel.
    · Students may wear their own non-uniform clothing for Graduation, non-uniform days (which are listed in the school calendar), and the Trinity Christmas Program.
    · On a non-uniform day, students should follow the general appearance guidelines listed for the Early Learners and Pre-K students.
    · No monograms other than the school logo will be allowed on uniforms.

    You will receive all necessary information regarding carpool instructions through our SchoolPass mailing this summer.  This information is provided as a brief overview.

    Morning Carpool
    • Begins at 7:30 AM and runs until 8 AM
    • Early morning dropoff is available free of charge beginning at 7:15 AM.
    • If morning carpool has ended when you arrive, you must walk your child inside and sign him/her in at Reception.

    Afternoon Carpool
    Early Learners – Begins at 12:30 PM Monday through Friday
    Pre-K and Kindergarten – Begins at 2 PM Monday through Friday
    First through Sixth Grade – Begins at 3 PM Monday through Thursday and at 2 PM on Friday

    Zip Code List – Trinity does not manage an official carpooling program. However, in order to assist with carpools, the Admissions Office will be happy to help you search the Family Directory by zip code for a list of families who live in your area.

    Signage – Please follow all signage on campus to ensure safety.  Make sure to exit to the right when leaving our gates. 

    No cell phone usage is permitted during carpool. As a part of our clean-air campaign, we ask that you turn your car off while waiting in the carpool line. Finally, please refrain from parking and leaving a car in the carpool lane at any time.

    Trinity School is a secure gated campus, and we are committed to the safety of our students and the entire Trinity community. All visitors and employees must have a Trinity School badge while on campus. Upon arriving and leaving campus, you will swipe your ID badge on a card reader at the Reception Desk. Other visitors will receive a temporary badge while on campus.   

    All Trinity families are issued two access control badges per household (one per parent). Additional badges for grandparents and caregivers may be ordered for a fee of $10. Every parent and caregiver who is a regular visitor at Trinity will be required to have a name badge. The badge will display your name and photo and will provide access to the campus, including the front gate. 

    Anthony Taylor, Systems Administrator, will be available to take badge photos between 9 AM and noon every Tuesday and Thursday from Tuesday, June 16, until Thursday, July 30. Please email Anthony at to make your appointment or an appointment for grandparents and caregivers.

    Please note the following safety guidelines:
    • Only adults will be allowed in the building at this time; please leave children at home.
    • A face covering should be worn while on campus and removed for your photo. Please bring your own face covering.
    • Please enter the building at the main entrance/reception area.
    All individuals entering the building will be screened for symptoms and have their temperature checked.
    As part of Trinity's campus security measures, your badge photo will also be used as your profile photo in MyTrinity, the School's password-protected portal that is accessible by Trinity parents, faculty, and staff only.

    Website – Trinity’s website ( is the primary means of communication between the School and parents.  Calendars, events, updates, notices, and other specific information are all noted there. 

    Classroom Pages –
     Classroom Pages provides a centralized location for parents to access all grade- and class-specific news and information for their children. While teachers and room parents communicate important and time-sensitive information by email, they also post all information on PowerSchool for parents’ reference.  You will receive more information about PowerSchool, including instructions on accessing the portal, at the beginning of the school year.
    MyTrinity MyTrinity is an area of the School’s website that is password protected and only accessible to Trinity families. Forms and other resources can be found there. You will receive your username and password from the School prior to the start of the school year.
    Trinity This Week (TTW) – A weekly e-newsletter distributed to Trinity parents, faculty, and staff during the school year.  The newsletter includes event reminders, school news, pictures, and more.
    Emails from the School – The School Administration will send emails to parents regarding important time-sensitive information. To ensure receipt of all electronic correspondence coming from Trinity School, its teachers, and the administration, please be sure to add the Trinity domain ( to your SPAM filter’s whitelist.
    Weather Emergency Notices – Parents will be notified of school closings or delays through our school-wide system.  This system will distribute a notification by email, voicemail, and text to all parents, faculty, and staff.  Updates on closing status can also be found on the homepage of the School website and social media sites.

    What is it?
    The Trinity Fund is an annual appeal to all Trinity parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, Trustees, faculty, staff, and friends for gifts to support the School’s operating budget and top priorities. Like other independent schools, Trinity relies on philanthropic support each year to meet the financial needs of the School and to provide each student with the best possible education.  Parent participation is critical to the School’s ability to secure outside funding.  Each year, more than 90% of our parents make Trinity a philanthropic priority.
    Why do we have it?
    Tuition covers approximately 80 percent of the cost of a Trinity education. The School depends upon gifts to The Trinity Fund to help close the gap and to provide a margin of excellence for which the School is well-known. The Trinity Fund directly supports immediate needs and allows the School to respond quickly and with flexibility to unexpected challenges.
    When is it?
    We kick off The Trinity Fund at the start of the school year, and it officially ends on June 30.  The School’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.
    How can I make a gift?
    The Trinity Fund accepts:
    • gifts of cash, check, or money order
    • gifts of stock or other securities
    • gifts via credit card or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
    • gifts can be made in person, over the phone, via mail, or on the School’s secure website
    • pledges of any amount to be paid by June 30, 2020
    Please contact Margaret Douglas, Director of Advancement, at 404-240-9446 or
    What is it? 
    An annual series of events organized as a benefit for Trinity School. Comprised of two main components, Spotlight on Art includes: the Artists Market on our campus and the Gala featuring live and silent auctions. Hundreds of Trinity parent volunteers develop relationships with artists, curate a spectacular selection of original art, and plan the details of several unique special events.
    Events are open to the public. Collectors and art lovers come from all over the Southeast. Friends are welcome! Proceeds benefit things such as professional development for teachers, financial aid for students, educational enhancements for the classrooms, as well as a non-profit organization chosen each fall by the Sixth Grade Leadership Class.
    What is the Artists Market?
    The Allison Williams Activity Center (AWAC) is converted to an art gallery for six days and is open to the public.
    • 350 artists are chosen to participate; from popular stars of the art world to emerging artists just beginning to make their marks
    • Thousands of original works of art from fine art to decorative and functional pieces to jewelry are featured
    • Prior to the Artists Market, Trinity hosts a preview market in conjunction with Neiman Marcus, Lenox Square. A small sampling of artists’ works is displayed for sale at the retail space, typically from December-January.
    What is the Gala?
    Dinner, drinks, dancing, and silent and live auction. A limited number of tickets are sold.
    • Live auction features one-of-a-kind experiences and items
    • Silent auction treasures include getaways, experiences, home items, gifts for men, women, and children, and more
    • If you are interested in making a donation to the auction, please contact Leisy Ruddock, Director of Special Events and Alumni Relations, at 404-231-8119 or
    When is Spotlight on Art?
    The Artists Market
    January 25 - January 30, 2021
    AWAC, Trinity School Campus
    How can I find out about volunteering?
    There are many volunteer opportunities on the front lines or behind the scenes; for long commitments or just a few hours at a time, and for anyone with any time or desire to contribute!
    You’ll hear more about volunteering for the Artists Market and the Gala from your Host Family, Room Parent, and Grade Level Rep. Feel free to direct questions to them or contact Leisy Ruddock, Director of Special Events and Alumni Relations, at 404-231-8119 or You can also be on the lookout for more information on signing up to volunteer with Spotlight on Art through our summer mailing.

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